100 hungry mouths to feed

August 15, 2009

A couple years ago I lamented that I didn’t see sillkmoths much anymore.That was the year our friend Dr. Steve gave us a couple of Polyphemus (Anthera polyphemus) cocoons, so we got to see (and release) the adults that emerged….

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this turd has legs

July 7, 2009

I haven’t spent much time in the field this summer. The last 6 or 7 years, I’ve had summer field work tied to grants; this year, my grants involve sitting in front of the computer. But over the holiday weekend…

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the strange allure of tussi

June 20, 2009

My husband is a bigger Flickr user than I am and has a lot of contacts. Looking over his shoulder, I’d often see him browsing photos of the same engaging tuxedo cat. Every day there would be a new batch….

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things we’ve discovered about juniper

March 13, 2009

Her fur has a kind of odd texture. Soft, but like a cheap stuffed animal. She hisses at Sophie, but it is often preceded by a pig-like grunt. Normally, she’s very quiet, but her regular voice sounds like a Tribble….

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son of google searches

March 2, 2009

After four years of blogging, I tend not to look at my stats quite as much as I used to. After taking a look at some recent search strings that landed people here, I can see why. Laura Erickson massage…

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the year in birds: 2008

January 1, 2009

Most notable for me birding-wise in 2008 was my inadvertent big year in my home city. I had 169 species, blowing away any previous year’s total. I got my last city bird New Year’s Eve day, an American Black Duck…

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welcome to our family

December 26, 2008

After losing Kady, my husband and I knew we wanted to get another cat. We thought it would take some time to find an adult cat with just the right personality to go along with Sophie. Our local shelter is…

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saying goodbye

December 6, 2008

I had to say goodbye to my number one cat today. Kady took a turn for the worse on Wednesday. It’s true — you know when it’s time. I’ve never had to have a pet put down before. Scheduling her…

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the good, bad, and the ugly

November 25, 2008

Kingfisher and I were out and about over the weekend. There’s not much joy in the Motor City these days. But we did make our way to one of Detroit’s bright spots for lunch, Slows Bar BQ. We had a…

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99 things meme

November 19, 2008

I saw this at Evolving Thoughts and thought it would be a fun waste of time. Rather than bolding things I’ve done (or not), I’ll just divvy them up into two lists. Things I’ve done: 1. Started your own blog…

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