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Golden squares

January 8, 2011

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I posted this old recipe a few years ago, but it didn’t make the move from the old blog. I thought I’d just scan the 40-plus-year-old recipe I have taped to an index card. Just three ingredients (I leave out the nuts) for the richest, densest, sweetest treat EV-AH! I don’t bother with the waxed […]

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A review of the excellent Pentax Papilio Binocular — great, inexpensive optics for insect-watchers.

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November 12, 2007

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Like some other bloggers, I was provided with a Wingscapes BirdCam to futz around with. While I’ve been waiting for something spectacular to show up (my heart has been set on a Harris’s Sparrow or Evening Grosbeak), everybody else has…

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