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November 4, 2005

in Silly stuff and bluster

Awhile back, I wrote about the more unusual terms plugged into search engines that pointed people to bootstrap analysis. It was one of my more popular posts — and so cheap to write! — in part, I’m sure, because I listed the incredibly funny  World Champion Search Strings at The Middlewesterner.

I am truly humbled and honored that one of my more recent bizarre search strings has made into the Champion list at The Middlewesterner.  You’ll have to scroll way down the left sidebar for the list.  And there it is:

i have what looks like small pieces of bird seed in human feces my feces

I can more readily understand why this search hooked someone up with my blog than I can the reason for performing this search in the first place.  As Middlewesterner author Tom Montag wrote me, "You have to wonder….’See the doctor? Google my symptoms? See the doctor? Google my symptoms?’"

Let’s hope everything, uh, came out all right for that poor person.

And here are a few more odd searches…

  • impressive movements
  • salamander feces
  • band named for a gastropod
  • sophie flotsam
  • analysis of a stubborn lady

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