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September 9, 2005

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Ever since I first discovered the Infinite Cat Project, I have been trying to take an appropriate picture of either of my cats to submit to the ICP web site.  The ICP is a gallery of recursive illustrations — of cats looking at the previous ICP cat on a computer screen.  I dearly wanted one of my cats to be #1000 in the array.  ICP is already at #1045 and counting, that’s how long I’ve been struggling.

The first problem is that the only interest my cats have in my computer screen is their determination to come between it and me.  I thought I could use that to my advantage, getting one of them in said position, clicking up the latest ICP feline, getting them look at the screen, and stepping back to snap a picture.  No, they are too peevishly self-centered to perform step 3 or to allow me to perform step 4.

Sophie is extremely restless and energetic.  She gets near a monitor only if my hands are in the same proximity, scratching her.  Any move away from her simply caused her to follow. Stay with the hands!  Stay with the hands! My husband and I tried numerous crafty hand/laptop maneuvers to no avail. Now you know why there are so few photos of her here, even though she is the cutest cat in the world.

I thought I’d have much more luck with Kady.  She is extremely lethargic — recall her title is that of the Bed Leopard. Once settled comfortably, she becomes inert dead weight. Unfortunately, her idea of comfortable does not include a hard surface near a computer monitor.  Kady also lacks nearly all of the curiosity cats are so famous for. Blank stares off into space, or annoyed looks through slitted eyes are about the extent of her repertoire.  A one-dimensional image of another cat does nothing to attract her gaze.  This substandard photo, which I did not submit to ICP, was the result of  a combination of intense psychological manipulation and dumb luck.  It is certainly not of the stunning quality and expert positioning evidenced, for instance, in cat #1045. I will continue my infinite quest to get Sophie and Kady into the Infinite Cat gallery.

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