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August 8, 2005

in Silly stuff and bluster

Like most other bloggers, I'm curious where my readers come from. Many come from search engines, via some rather strange search strings.  I've been collecting them since I started blogging, and was saving them up to post them as a list.  Then Rurality wrote a little story with hers, which I thought was a pretty cool idea. 

Then I came across World Champion Search Strings at The Middlewesterner (a very fine blog even without this category).  Hands down, Tom has had the funniest, most bizarre searches pointing to his blog in the entire blogosphere.  So good, he has listed them, along with contributions from other bloggers (left sidebar on main page).  Further, there are so many, he periodically "retires" some classics.  You have to have a pretty eclectic variety of writing on your blog to get hits from these searches.  Who knows what Google AdSense would serve up on these blogs?

Go there, laugh, enjoy; try not to lose faith in humanity that there are folks out there looking for "hutterite women shucking corn", "cheap amish hernia operations", "penny farting sale" (HUGE collection of fart searches, including "slow motion farting", "cure for prune farting" and "prime number farting"!), "why is the pope not decaying", "pictures of pet gerbils dressed in irish clothes", "emily dickinson's men and a mustache", and "flin flon tits", and "old fashion underpanties for women".

My insipid list follows.

  • photo flak seed
  • ivory blather
  • mayapple egg sacs
  • fecal analysis for conservation breeding in mammals
  • ivory-billed woodpecker nuthatch elevator
  • nigerian email scam cat photos hilarious blog
  • larvea [sic] hairy with legs
  • cat pooping on bed
  • woodpecker snail extinct
  • what causes a vurp

tony g August 10, 2005 at 6:11 am

i too have been saving these for some time, and now that you've beat me to the post i guess i'll have to load up (comeuppance for the dobsonfly i suppose).

as for midwesterner's battle with a certain word, one has to think that it is being blogarithmically enhanced on google by its repetition so many times in their hall of fame, and in the retirement posts. they may indeed have the highest density of the word on any website in the world.

tony g August 11, 2005 at 6:14 am

okay i followed your lead . . . here's mine

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