things we’ve discovered about juniper

March 13, 2009

in Cat blogging

  • Her fur has a kind of odd texture. Soft, but like a cheap stuffed animal.
  • She hisses at Sophie, but it is often preceded by a pig-like grunt. Normally, she's very quiet, but her regular voice sounds like a Tribble.
  • Somebody must have let her eat people food off the dinner table. She is terribly persistent. When she eats her own food out of her own bowl, she grabs a mouthful of kibble and turns away, dropping half of it on the floor while she eats it. No doubt from living in a trailer with 10 other cats
  • She loves her belly rubbed and gets very excited, then grabs her hind leg and chews on her toes.
  • She will sometimes chase her tail.
  • She is the only cat I've ever heard of that doesn't run to another part of the house when she hears the vacuum.
  • She must climb on everything, as high as she can go. It's like having a squirrel in the house.
  • She likes to chew on things — including large rubber or plastic things. She's been working on the side rails to the treadmill, which she can barely wrap her jaws around. It's like having a Kea in the house.
  • If she can't get her face in a beverage, a paw will do.


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