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March 2, 2009

in Silly stuff and bluster

After four years of blogging, I tend not to look at my stats quite as much as I used to. After taking a look at some recent search strings that landed people here, I can see why.

  • Laura Erickson massage
  • strings in feces
  • info about rabbit poop and urine
  • tanagers having sex online for free
  • what I might find in asia in 2050 show me
  • eating undercooked chicken
  • meaning in the face of a white-tailed deer
  • creative ways to pee
  • salamanda poop
  • cat orange pantaloons
  • cure to farting
  • do they sell caviar at walmart
  • kelated woodpecker
  • lady with flies on her butt pics
  • pancake fart
  • kelly tripucka nude (for christ’s sake! you can see the backstory of Kelly here, along with links to the other search term compilations).


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