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April 14, 2008

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A friend sent me this:

Scott's Bird Seed Voluntary Recall

Major manufacturer of wild bird seed and animal food products, The Scotts Company LLC announced a voluntary recall of certain varieties of Morning Song, Scotts, Country Pride and various private label branded wild bird (Royal Wing from Tractor Supply) and animal food products due to the use of unapproved pesticides.  The store recall is for seed and suet products packaged on or before March 12, 2008.  The Scotts Company replacement of the products at distributors is currently underway.  The company has received fewer than 10 calls in the last two years regarding a possible connection between these products and bird mortalities at feeders.  There is no evidence, however, demonstrating any harm caused to humans, pets, wild birds or other wildlife. The company's Niger Thistle Seed products are not effected.

I think the spin the company statement put on this was, hmm, interesting; bolding is mine:

Dear Fellow Bird Lover,

You might find that your favorite Scotts, Morning Song or Country Pride wild bird or wild animal food isn't available where you normally buy it.

We are in the process of replacing these products because we determined that we needed to stop applying certain insect controls. These controls were used to make sure that our bird and animal food wasn't infested with moths and other problem-causing insects.

The insect controls that we had used are EPA-approved for use on some stored grains, including grains that may be turned into human food. However, the insect controls are not EPA-approved for wild bird food or wild animal food.

We believe that the wild bird food and wild animal food did not constitute a significant health risk to wild birds, small animals or humans who handle the food.

We have discontinued use of the unapproved insect controls.

Personally, I don't buy bird seed that is distributed by a company that in 2007 had $2.8 billion in net sales of lawn products and pesticides, especially one that has such an unflattering corporate profile.  I get my seed from a locally owned business or feed store.

 And while you are not bolstering Scott's profits via bird seed purchases, check out the Beyond Pesticides web site for a host of reasons not to buy most of the other stuff they push.  They have downloadable fact sheets such as the health and environmental effects of commonly used lawn pesticides. Pesticides and birds don't mix.


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