July 2007

Eastern cicada killers (Sphecius speciosus) are big wasps. The “dainty” males are about 3 cm long, and the females up to 4 cm. Adding to the intimidation factor is the behavior of the males, which gather in “leks” of up…

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July 11, 2007

in Flotsam and jetsam

Mother Jones is one of my favorite magazines. The last page of the July/August issue has a graphic titled “The New Math of Global Warming.” Some of the equations are have a much broader application and are timeless. Here are…

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8 random facts meme

July 10, 2007

in Me

I’ve been tagged with the eight random facts meme by Birders on the Border. Clare strove to come up with things that were interesting and moderately modest. Not sure I have any of those left, considering I slogged through 50%…

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the enforcer

July 6, 2007

in Cat blogging

Try to slip a pizza ad in our door, and you’ll be forced to provide a belly rub.

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