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May 5, 2006

in Silly stuff and bluster

This post on the Ohio birding list made me smile:

While enjoying a second cup of coffee on my patio this morning, A YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER LANDED ON MY HEAD. Having very little hair, me that is, it slipped off immediately and perched on the back of one of the other chairs, about 4 feet away and stayed there for about a minute. It appeared to want a cookie, or something, but I had nothing to offer it.

One of my friends  had a Purple Martin land on his head (we have called this guy “Martin Perch” ever since). I’ve never had a bird land on me, but once I did catch a Gray Catbird that was flying past me in my banding lab (a large barn at the time), one handed, mid-air.  A very proud moment. For me.  Humiliating to the catbird, I’m sure.


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