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March 30, 2006

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Mud, mud, glorious mud
Some dirty birding.
first posted by Ben Cruachan Blog
on 2006-03-11

Last of the Parakeets
Once an army, now barely a tea party, Budgerigars are declining in Florida.
first posted by The Birdchaser
on 2006-03-28

Birds attacking windows
A public service announcement.
first posted by Mike’s Birding and Digiscoping Blog
on 2006-03-25

Smart sparrows
A little tribute to Rufous-winged Sparrows.
first posted by Aimophila Adventures
on 2006-03-07

Eastern Bluebirds
first posted by Woodsong
on 2006-03-27

the little farter
Why the Cuban Tody is called the Pedorrera.
first posted by bootstrap analysis
on 2006-03-20

Goodbye, Beautiful Dream
Commentary on the dispute over the conclusiveness of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker video.
first posted by Living the Scientific Life
on 2006-03-16

The Pied Junco: Nature and the Individual
first posted by Foothills Fancies on 2006-03-25

Muscatine Music
A prelude on mussel buttons leads to observations on bird song dialects.
first posted by Roundrock Journal
on 2006-03-26

Blackbirds at Nine Springs
first posted by Mike’s Birding and Digiscoping Blog on 2006-03-19

Chachalacas, Caracaras and Kiskadees, Oh My!
first posted by Rambling Ranger
on 2006-02-19

Backyard birds in PNG
That’s Papua New Guinea.

first posted by Search and Serendipity
on 2006-03-19

Hughes Hollow
A field trip turns up 50 species of spring.
first posted by DC Birding Blog
on 2006-03-19

A convergence of convergences
A discussion of convergence, both evolutionary and linguistic, regarding hornbills and toucans.

first posted by Rigor Vitae
on 2006-03-26

Woodcock peenting
The spring rite of the timberdooble.

first posted by Thomasburg Walks
on 2006-03-21

Morning Dorkwalk
Even dorky walkers can see a Bushtit or two.

first posted by WildBird on the Fly
on 2006-03-28

Sandy Hook Migration Watch
first posted by Somewhere in NJ on 2006-03-16

Point Pelee, ON, May 16-17, 2005
Is birding the migration hotspot in the eastern U.S. like rooting for the Yankees?
first posted by bird DC
on 2006-03-21

Bird pictures from Canyon of the Eagles
first posted by Coyote Mercury on 2006-03-15

House blend/Melange maison
A tale of squatters in the house.
first posted by As Time Goes By
on 2006-03-15

A Sunday flight center trip
Just a half dozen eagles exercising their wings.
first posted by Bird TLC
on 2006-03-19

Nuthatch sighting
Unsolicited, honest.
first posted by Bird brained stories
on 2006-03-16

Avian camouflage foiled (or: Gotcha)
Rose-ringed Parakeets in Israel.
first posted by Elms in the Yard
on 2006-03-16

Birdwatching Sunday
first posted by Sally’s World on 2006-03-27

Love is in the air
Female Belted Kingfisher photo.
first posted by Rob’s Idaho Perspective
on 2006-03-17

A mystery where the gnatcatchers roam.

first posted by Sphere
on 2006-03-26

The Harris Hawk
An encounter with a falconer’s Harris’s Hawk.
first posted by Time’s Fool
on 2006-03-06

Birds and cats
Pippin has fun watching a siskin.
first posted by Research at a Snail’s Pace
on 2006-03-16

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