January 2006

Handbook of the Birds of the World, a project of BirdLife International published by Lynx Edicions, is an ambitious, stunning, detailed series of books which, when complete sometime around 2011, will illustrate and gather all the essential information about every…

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First there was getting googled, a list of crazy searches that led people to this blog. Mine weren’t that funny, so I shamelessly listed some true classics from the collection at The Middlewesterner. Finally, mine became more outrageous, and one…

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Over the weekend, an Ivory Gull (Pagophila eburnea) was found near Point Pelee, Ontario. The sighting of one of these birds in the United States always creates a sensation, because it is a bird of the high Arctic, and fewer…

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brown creeper

January 6, 2006

in Birds, Natural history

crisp brown leaf, wind-blown flake of bark, falling from tree nope, wrong: brown creeper The diminutive Brown Creeper (Certhia americana) is notorious for being unobtrusive. Even the creeper’s sweet, clear, musical song can be frustratingly difficult to hear due to…

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the year in birds

January 5, 2006

in Me

Obligatory tally of 2005 birds: Number of species seen: 513 New life birds: 201 Last life bird: Cinnamon Woodpecker (Celeus loricatus), Pipeline Road, Gamboa, Panama Total life birds: 887 otal ABA-area birds: 568 Total state birds: 304 Total birds in…

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