September 2005

cicada music friction

September 22, 2005

in Insects, Urban issues

Lo! on the topmost pine, a solitary cicada Vainly attempts to clasp one last red beam of sun. — Japanese poem I actually got a call the other day from a man complaining about the sounds of cicadas and katydids….

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Here’s a startling update to the deer overpopulation thread. A paper in the latest issue of Conservation Biology described how Black Bears (Ursus americanus) have been extirpated from an island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence by the introduction of…

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September 19, 2005

in Silly stuff and bluster

This port-a-john on campus was getting a lot of business. From incoming freshmen.

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i have ear worms

September 15, 2005

in Me

Everybody gets songs stuck in their heads on occasion. To most, this is an annoyance. For me, it is major brain spam. I am so prone to this phenomena that I purposely avoid listening to most music, especially if it…

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Ever since I first discovered the Infinite Cat Project, I have been trying to take an appropriate picture of either of my cats to submit to the ICP web site. The ICP is a gallery of recursive illustrations — of…

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This is a Variable Cracker, Hamadryas feronia, a member of a mostly Neotropical genus of about 20 species. Variable Crackers are found from the southern U.S. through Brazil, and are one of several species of Hamadryas that can make an…

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